Math SAT and PSAT Test Preparation

NCC offers campers the opportunity to prepare for the math PSAT and SAT tests.
  • Instruction is offered by experienced teachers.
  • Instruction includes 90 minutes sessions on Monday through Thursday.
  • SAT and PSAT instruction is offered daily from 3pm to 4:30pm and follows computer instruction.
  • The six hours per week are not sufficient to be truly prepared, but serve as an excellent start.
  • Campers who attend NCC for more than one week may want to sign up for more than one week of SAT and PSAT preparation.
  • The SAT and PSAT curriculum is continuous without repetition from week to week.
  • The camper to instructor ratio is 6:1.
  • Availability of the SAT and PSAT instruction depends on enrollment.
  • There is a $95 per week charge for SAT and PSAT preparation -- includes text book and supplies.
  • SAT and PSAT preparation is not mentioned in the 2010 NCC camp brochure.
  • To sign up, write your preference for SAT or for PSAT preparation on the camp application and on the backround form (See Forms)
  • Please include full payment with your application.
Any questions? Please email or call (203) 710-5771 to discuss your needs.