Computer camps for kids

(Fairfield-WTNH, July 9, 2002 6:00 PM)
Summer camp- it’s part of the routine for many kids in the months of July and August.

  • News Channel 8’s Kristen Cusato reports

At this summer camp, there’s time for games, making friends, performing in a talent show.

It’s not your typical camp, because four hours a day these kids are learning computer programming.

“Learn by doing on the computer, no lectures, no textbooks, and no blackboards,” says Dr. Michael Zabinski, National Computer Camp.

This is the 25th year of the National Computer Camp.

Run by Dr. Michael Zabinski, NCC is held at Sacred Heart University.

There’s day camp and sleep over camp for kids from 8 to 18, all kids who love computers.

“I’ve been to other camps but didn’t enjoy it, I’m more into computers,” says Tanner Harvey, age 15.

“The campers are together with kids so much like them. They are surrounded by kids of common interest,” says Dr. Zabinski.

“Some kids come in with few or no computer skills and we help them become proficient –gain valuable skills,” says David Staley, senior counselor.

Brittany Disorbo and Shawna Garris are enjoying camp life.

“It’s like better.   Got new friends up here. I like it here,” says Shawna.

“For the most part, schools no longer provide instruction in programming, like it was common in the 80’s,” says Dr. Zabinski.

So camps like this, help shape the techno wizards of the future.

There are still spots open for future week-long sessions.

If you are interested in the National Computer Camp visit

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