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Please complete the following online application. Payment may be made by credit card or check.
Credit card payment includes an additional $35 per week security and delivery fee.
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Residential camp $1,150.00 per week, ($1,350 - $200 scholarship) Sunday - Friday, includes all meals. Optional $245.00 per weekend between weeks.
Day campers $895.00 per week ($1095 - $200 scholarship) Sunday - Friday includes extended day and daily lunch and dinner.
Virtual Online camp $495 per week ($595 - $100 scholarship) Monday - Friday.
Adruino Computer Lab (in-person camp only) add a one time non-refundable $65 lab fee. For 3D printing (in-person camp only) and for Game Design add for each a $65 per week non-refundable lab fee. Please include the lab fee(s) with the deposit.
There is a $50 fee for any camp reservation change. Applications are not confirmed and scholarships are not granted until full payment is received.
Note: Scholarship funds are limited.
No. of weeks x $150.00 deposit per week. Camp fee balance is due May 28th.
Payment Method:
Check - Mail check payable to National Computer Camps along with a copy of this registration to: NCC, 102 Shorefront St, Milford, CT 06460
Credit Card - NCC will email an invoice for credit card payment
      For credit card payment add non refundable $35 per week for credit card security & delivery fee
Residental Camper, Day Camper, Morning Camper or Virtual Camper:
Residential Camper       Day Camper    Morning Camper (9:00-11:30 Mon - Fri, for 6-8 years old)   Virtual Online Camper    
Camp T-shirts:
You may order NCC camp T-shirts (optional). Please send T-shirts at $15.00 each
Add $65 Lab Fee for the Following Courses (For Residential and Day Campers Only, NOT available to ½ day campers):
Game Design   Arduino Computer Lab (in-person camp only)   3D Printing (in-person camp only)
Payment Option - Choose One:
Full Payment    Deposit - $150 per week + Lab Fee(s)
Total Camp Tuition: $0    Total Due Now: $0
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The camp is not responsible for personal belongings lost or damaged by casualty, theft, laundry, etc. The camp has the right to dismiss any individuals due to illness or if their actions or attitudes are detrimental to the best interests of the camp. No refunds will be given upon such dismissal. Campers' parents will be assessed for facilities damaged by campers. In case of illness or accident, the camper shall have immediate and competent care. All such expenses will be billed to the campers' medical plans and/or parents. Availability of instruction in computer courses and other activities such as sports depends on enrollment. There is no refund upon course cancellation due to lack of enrollment. Instead campers sign up for a different course. I give the camp directors permission to take my child to the swimming pool (not available at all locations) and on the weekend to the mall and the movies without further notice or consent from me and to use, at their discretion, photos taken at camp.

Refund Policy:
Refunds must be requested in writing. Payments by check are refundable up to May 30, except for a $100.00 administrative fee. As of June 1, a $200 fee is retained for each week cancelled prior to the start of camp. Credit card payments are refundable up to 60 days after the transaction date and are subject to the same $100 and $200 deductions. No refunds for cancellation within ten days of start of camp. No refunds for late arrival or early withdrawal from any one or more consecutive or non-consecutive camp weeks.

Camp Reservation Change:
There is a $50 fee for any camp reservation change. Send $50 check to: NCC, 102 Shorefront St, Milford, CT 06460.
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