Daily Instruction for Residential, Day, and Virtual Campers

Each week NCC offers three blocks of instruction. These are Blocks I, II, and III.
All courses are offered each week for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Block No. Weekly Time Slot
I Sunday 4pm – 5 pm and 6pm – 7pm, and daily Monday to Thursday 9am – 11am
II Daily Monday to Thursday 1pm – 3pm, and Friday 9am – 11am
III Daily Monday to Thursday 3pm – 4pm
This instruction period is called Creative Computing. Campers can choose to participate in sports instead of participating in Creative Computing instruction and decide daily which of the two choices they prefer.

The following courses are offered each week in Blocks I, II, and III.
Click here for course descriptions.

The List of Courses available for Blocks I and II:
Scratch, Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, Open-GL, Assembler, Minecraft Modding, Flash Animation,
Photoshop, 2D Game Design (*), 3D Game Design (*), Web Design – HTML, Excel, PowerPoint.

All the courses are offered each week for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.
(*) This course has a $65 lab fee. This fee covers game design software that campers take home.

The List of Courses available for Block III (Creative Computing):
Excel, PowerPoint, Flash Animation, 3D Graphics, Open-GL, Minecraft Modding, Game Design, Robotics, Web Design — HTML, Hardware, Networking, Photoshop, QR Code, Android App Programming,

Additional Courses: 3D printing (**) and Arduino Computer Lab (**)
(**) These courses have a $65 lab fee and are offered 2 days per week 4-5pm.

Here are four sample weekly course selections. They illustrate that campers can select different courses or the same course in blocks I and II.
They also show that campers can select daily in Block III sports or a different subject of their choice.

Sample Course Selection 1 Sample Course Selection 2 Sample Course Selection 3 Sample Course Selection 4
Block I: Java Python C++ JavaScript
Block II: Minecraft Modding Python Open-GL Game Design
Block III: Sports Web Design Minecraft Modding Android App Programming

Campers click here to complete the course selection form.