The History of NCC

NCC is the brainchild of Dr. Michael Zabinski who coined the phrase “Computer Camps” and founded the computer camp industry U.S. News & World Report April 23, 2001, Page 41.

NCC provides an opportunity for young people from all parts of the United States and around the world to interact creatively. This harmonic integration of young minds is the primary focus of National Computer Camps.

NCC has during the past 40 years conducted camps coast to coast and served thousands of campers.

NCC and Dr. Zabinski received for 5 consecutive years grants to conduct summer technology camps for 7th grade inner city girls in Connecticut. These grants directly addressed the gender gap that exists today in technology and in particular in computer science. The one week camps provided full scholarships that were funded by The American Association of University Women, the Hubbell, Long and Motorolla Foundations as well as the National Computer Camps, Inc.

NCC is America’s first computer camp and is unique; campers may attend one or multiweek sessions with a continuous curriculum that covers all aspects of computer literacy and includes an optional sports program. The camps are ideal for both experienced and first time campers.

From the 1979 Archives of
National Computer Camps
  • ez
    A 32K TRS-80 Computer
  • andy
    A 64K Apple Computer
    Note the kid’s face on the computer screen. That was a major accomplishment in 1979.