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NCC, the first computer camp ever, was founded in 1977 to provide young people a stimulating environment where cooperative learning is the key to success. Computers affect our lives daily, changing the way we work, play and even think. Now the Internet is central to everything we do. After a computer camp experience, those “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” essays will never be the same. With ample computer time and an emphasis on hands-on experience, campers come to understand the computers’ potential and limitations.

The following objectives serve as guidelines in conducting camp at NCC

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for campers by supervising all camp activities with a competent and a well-trained staff.
  • Computer camp is not a summer school, but rather a place where learning and fun are rolled into one and where the campers’ self esteem is of foremost importance.
  • Introduce computer concepts and techniques and thus provide a general appreciation of the power and limitations of computers.
  • Teach computer programming in several languages and for all levels of experience and provide a suitable basis for subsequent study in high school or university settings.
  • Teach age appropriate application software covering topics such as game design, cryptography, graphics and animation, sound, networking, spread sheets, slide shows, etc.
  • Teach campers how to design and how to write their own home page.
  • Encourage creativity by providing opportunities for campers to explore and discover, for example through game design and web design.
  • Provide a technical, social and moral perspective of the role of computers in society.
  • Use the computer as a motivational instrument to stimulate interest in science, mathematics and the arts.
  • Provide a proper balance between educational and recreational computer usage.
  • Offer an optional sports program and encourage campers to participate.
  • Help campers “learn by doing” by providing a proper balance of instruction and recreation, good practice exercises and a favorable camper to staff ratio.

NCC empowers campers to learn and reach their potential and NCC also recognizes that inside every programmer is a better programmer.
The computer world belongs to those who realize its potential.