Online Year-Round Tutoring

What is NCC Year-Round Tutoring?

  • NCC Year-Round is an extension of National Computer Camp –
  • NCC Year-Round offers 1-on-1 online tutoring and uses NCC’s well known curriculum

Is NCC Year-Round for me?

Have you asked yourself lately any of the following questions?

  • Did I attend a computer camp and now want to continue to learn?
  • Do I want to prepare for the AP Computer Science exam?
  • Do I know Python and now do I want to learn Java or C++?
  • Do I know beginner Python and now do I want to learn advanced Python?

Why NCC Year-Round?

  • NCC offers a unique opportunity to continue the camp learning experience
  • NCC has conducted successful virtual computer camps for several years
  • NCC is America’s original computer camp since 1977
  • NCC is well known for its effective curriculum

The NCC Year-Round Instructors

The faculty of NCC Year-Round consists of college students that have all taught at NCC summer camps and have all
attended camp in the past. They know the curriculum well and are excellent role models for the students.

The NCC Year-Round Curriculum

The curriculum includes the following courses:

Python JavaScript Roblox 2D Game Design
C++ Web Design OpenGL 3D Game Design
Java HTML 5/CSS Assembler Minecraft Modding
Flash–Animation Photoshop Excel App Programming

How NCC Year-Round Works

At NCC Year-Round students receive one hour long online lessons. The lessons are individual or in groups of two.
During instruction the teacher has access to the student’s screen and can conveniently monitor the student’s progress.

What Parents Say

  • My son is 14 years old and is learning Java at NCC Year-Round. He is pleased that his instructor was also his camp counselor who is upbeat, patient and knowledgeable. They meet once a week and by the end of the school year my son expects to be ready to take the Advanced Placement computer science test.
  • My daughter began learning Python at NCC this summer and is now enrolled in NCC Year-round. She looks forward to her weekly meetings and I am happy to see her gaining confidence.

Enrollment and Tuition

  • Individual instruction is $65.00 per hour
  • Instruction of two students together is $50.00 each per 75 minute session
  • Enrollment requires a half hour student/instructor interview session to assess the student’s background. This fact finding interview does not include instruction. Following this interview, the instructor will present a plan of study. The fee for this special one-time session is $45.00.

Further Information and to Enroll

Email to or call 203-710-5771