About Us

The concept of a computer camp was invented by Dr. Michael Zabinski. In 1977, Dr. Zabinski coined the phrase “computer camps” and founded National Computer Camps, America’s original computer camp. During the past four decades NCC has run computer camps throughout the United States and has served thousands of campers. Dr. Zabinski is the executive director of NCC as well as a professor of engineering at Fairfield University, where NCC holds its Connecticut camp. Dr. Zabinski earned his Ph.D. from Yale University in Engineering and Applied Science and has been an educator ever since.


NCC’s educational philosophy reflects its passion about the vital role of computer technology in the education of today’s youth. Furthermore, we understand that a positive self-image is essential for each child’s development and that each camper is unique, with different needs, learning styles and backgrounds. Instruction at NCC is therefore individualized and cooperative, allowing campers to progress at their own pace while also working with peers. Our camper-to-staff ratio is 5 to 1, facilitating individualized attention.


NCC takes great pride in its staff. The directors are all educators and have been with NCC for many years. All NCC counselors were once outstanding campers and are now great role models for the campers. Our curriculum is authored by our own staff and is continually revised to integrate new technologies and to remain fresh and relevant. The curriculum endeavors to provide youngsters with lifelong computer skills and therefore focuses on providing a solid foundation in computer programming with emphasis on computer languages, game design, web design, and applications.

Please contact NCC if you have any questions about our educational philosophy, curriculum, or staff.