Your Robotics Team

Dear NCC,
I would like to compliment you on the wonderful partnership our school has had with NCC. During the last 2 years our school has sent each summer 6 students to learn Java at NCC and prepare them to take on leadership positions in the robotics club at our school. The students loved the camp and learned a lot. They returned each year eager to share their new skills with fellow students and faculty. The students not only gained valuable computer science skills, they also loved their time staying in the dorms at Fairfield U. After camp, they could better envision themselves as future college students one day. We plan on sending six more students this summer.

–Laura, School Business Manager, Queens, NY

Many campers come to NCC to learn Java or C++ with the intention of becoming leaders at their robotics team. Some of these campers are beginners and some are advanced programmers. In the Fall when these campers return to their schools they become team leaders who take charge of coding the team’s robot. These former campers also teach young team members programming.

NCC offers a special discount to teams who send 3 or more team members who attend camp during the same week.

Another important benefit is that the NCC Java curriculum prepares campers for the AP computer science test.
One week of Java at NCC is equivalent to 6 weeks of AP Java at a public school.

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