The NCC Virtual Online Camp

In 2021 depending on Covid-19 NCC may again conduct its Virtual Camp.
In 2020 NCC was pleased to hold a Virtual Online Computer Camp. Campers enjoyed the NCC camp experience while at home.
Campers from all over the US learned, had fun, socialized, and made new friends.

Information about the Virtual Online Camp

  • Campers may attend without repetition any one or more consecutive or non-consecutive weeks.
  • Campers connect with kids from all over the USA.
  • NCC accepts campers from all over the world (No visa issues).
  • The ratio of campers to counselors is 4:1.
  • The curriculum is the same as the traditional NCC curriculum.
    The daily schedule:
    9:00am-11:00am Instruction (*) (***)
    11:00am-12:00pm Free Time (**)
    12:00pm -1:00pm Lunch
    1:00pm – 3:00pm Instruction (*)
    3:00pm – 4:00pm Creative Computing (*)
    4:00pm – 4:30pm Free Time (**)
  • During free time campers are free to explore the NCC software (over 100 gigs), play in tournaments, continue to code, and make new friends.
  • Camp hours are Monday to Thursday 9am to 4:30pm and Friday 9am to 2pm.
  • The Tuition is $595 per week.
  • Campers need to have a computer at home to access the NCC camp software.
  • The NCC counselors are excellent role models for our campers.
  • The counselors have been at NCC for many years first as campers then as counselors in training and now as counselors. For example, Zach and Wyatt have each been at NCC for 9 summers and now attend Georgia Tech University. They are counselors at the Virtual Online Camp and can teach every course in the curriculum.

(*) For more information refer to the Curriculum Page.
(**) Campers may use the free time to continue their programming projects. Counselors are available to assist campers.
Other organized activities during free time include: Computer game tournaments, Chess and checkers tournaments,
and exploring over 100 gigs of NCC software.
(***) All times are EST.

What distinguishes the NCC Virtual Online Camp from other virtual computer camps?

NCC has developed a novel virtual learning system. This system uses cutting edge cloud technology to give campers an ideal learning experience. Unlike other virtual camps, NCC provides each camper with their “own” virtual computer. This computer is loaded with 100 gigs of NCC software for excellent learning.

Here is how the NCC Virtual Online Camp works:
At the traditional NCC camp each camper is provided a computer loaded with NCC software. At the virtual camp each camper uses his/her home computer to access the virtual NCC cloud computer assigned to the camper. The camper’s cloud computer has the identical NCC software. Virtual online campers enjoy the same well known curriculum, the same effective learning, the same fun software, and the same popular staff.

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